How To Use Facebook Free 2019

How to get free Facebook on your android mobile using NMD VPN or how to get free Facebook on your computer using NMD VPN tricks most like by people, Can i use free Facebook on My computer or on my Android mobile phone,

This question we are often seeing on many platforms, Now days many new mobile companies also providing Free Facebook access for a limited period if you are buying their mobile product, Because its most using social sites and everyone trying to connect this.

 How To Use Facebook Free 2019

It’s giving you many platforms to increase friends, making relation, promote business and also many other, Now days everyone connected to this social networking site by directly and indirectly.

Now days internet rate is very high, Mostly in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Telecom companies fixing high rate of net date usage,

So its headache for all, So now days most Facebook tips and Tricks lover trying to developed new ways for use free Facebook without paying any other, Here we are also sharing one of the best trick for access free Facebook, No any hidden or extra charge, So let’s read more about and get it.

Can I use Free Facebook or Internet?

Now days tips and tricks of free internet access getting more popularity. As you know using tips and tricks we can access some hidden or special features of any field or work, Many Facebook friends also asking us for the best way for accessing free Facebook and also working way, So for this we was trying many methods but most are not working.

On the internet free Internet access tricks completing by proxy, port and similar like this setting in the browser. But after trying you will find that most tricks are not working and also fake,

But NMD VPN tricks are most powerful and working fine. So today we are sharing about NMD VPN free internet trick and your computer. So let’s know about NMD VPN software to better understand.

What is NMD VPN and how to Install this?

NMD VPN is a small size software which can help you in making a virtual private server. Some time before sometimes it’s used only for good use.

And it’s developed by the USA govt for secure data communication from hackers but now it’s using worldwide. But now you can use it to get free internet access with also high speed so let know method for this.

How to Install
1 – First all of you just download NMD VPN from her
Now just install using
        For Windows XP you can install using double click.
        For windows 7 and 8 installs using ” Run as Administrator”
2 – Now just follow the easy installation process and keep not installation folder.
* Windows XP 7 & 8 (32 bit)         C:Program Files (x86)NMDVPNconfig
* Windows 7 & 8  and 8.1 (64 bit)  C:Program FilesNMD VPNconfig
3 – Now installation process is done.

How to Access Free Facebook Using NMD VPN

If you wanna access, free internet using NMD VPN then, just first install this free software, You can get this from below link, After install just replace your modem Config files in C penal, which you will find in installed folder, So lets follow step to step all guide and done.
First you must connect your any Telecom with the low balance.
Now Run NMD VPN using  ” Run as Administrator”.
After then Right Click on NMD VPN>  select VPN server > connect it by left click.
Now just replace your Config file in the installed folder of C drive.
Now it’s done, enjoy free internet.

Any error on Access Free Facebook using NMD VPN software.

Friends, This method looking simple and but easy, But its really not easy, You can many other errors so, If you get any error on access this trick then just ask us,

We will try to reply your error, If you have any new useful information about Free Facebook trick and how to use NMD VPN for access internet free, just ask us using the comment box.


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